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Welcome! Below you will find a list of links to public domain choral music composed or arranged for treble voices. Please contact me if any of the links are broken or if the liturgical notes are incomplete or incorrect. This blog post is frequently edited and updated, so check back for new scores.

Title Composer Voicing Score Recording Liturgical Notes
Ave Verum Josquin SA/SSA PDF Listen
Ave Maria Ravanello, Oreste SSA PDF Listen Immaculate Conception, Offertory
Beatus Homo Lassus SA PDF Listen
Beatus Vir Lassus SA PDF Listen
Benedictus, Missa Canonica Brahams SSAA PDF Listen
Bonus est Dominus Palestrina SSA PDF Listen Holy Saturday, Tenebrae Responsories
Cantantibus Organis Ravanello, Oreste SSA PDF Listen Feast of St. Cecilia
Cor Jesu Sacratissimum McGrath, Joseph J. SSA PDF
Duo Seraphim Victoria SSAA PDF Listen
Ecce Panis Angelorum Lotti SSAA PDF Listen
Exclamans Jesu Victoria SSA PDF Listen at 2:35 Good Friday, Tenebrae Responsories
Jesu, Rex Admirabilis Palestrina SSA PDF Listen
Magnificat: Esurientes Implevit Bonit Vivaldi SA solo PDF Listen
Oculos non Vidit Lassus SA PDF Listen
O Magnum Mysterium Morales SSAA PDF Listen Christmas, Matins, Responsorial
Pars Mea Palestrina SSA PDF Listen Holy Saturday, Tenebrae Responsories
Requiem Aeternam Martini, Giovanni Battista SSA PDF Listen Funeral/All Soul’s Day Introit
Vexilla Regis Ravanello, Oreste SSA PDF Listen Passion Sunday
Vide Domine Palestrina SSA PDF Listen at 1:03 Holy Thursday, Tenebrae Responsories

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